Monday, October 04, 2010

DOG: Post Game Comments BAL (1)

ShitBird (Suckus Cockus Footballus)

A football game is 60 minutes long. It is not 58:45. I suggest that someone remind Mike Tomlin of this fact so he can instruct himself, his staff, and team accordingly.

What we saw yesterday was a team so elated to have stopped the Shitbirds 4 times inside their 10 yard line that they forgot to play the rest of the game. The offense committed two penalties and could only gain 3 yards in 3 tries when a first down would have sealed the game. Then the defense played 10 yard cushions on the Baltimore WRs giving them the out pattern which #1 stops the clock (for the Shitbirds had no timeouts) and #2 and most idiotically, it is the only damn pattern Joe Flacco can throw successfully!!!

Plenty of blame to go around for this one so let's get started:
  • Jeff Reed misses two FGs both in the open end. Unacceptable. Got to make at least 1.
  • Charlie Batch, despite trying hard was miserably piss-poor for much of the day.
  • James Farrior still looking for his jockstrap after biting on McGay-He's fake at the 7.
  • LeBeau needs to stop using the Prevent in the 4tgh qtr. It prevented us from winning last year and prevented us from winning yesterday.
  • Arians, what in the hell was Arnaz Battle doing at WR in a critical 3rd and long in the 4th qtr? He is the worst WR on the team and yet was thrown to! Amazing.
  • Where was Woodley? Did he go to Ben's house to watch the game?
  • Pass rush was nonexistent. At least I know where Harrison was. Getting held by Oher on every play except the ones Oher false started on which apparently everyone on TV saw and 50,000 people where I was.
  • Troy Polamalu was alarmingly quiet for such an important early season game.
  • When Ike Taylor makes an interception we need to get points off of it. More passes clank off his stone hands than enough. Finally he makes a play and we get zilch.
  • Still A. Fan with his negative thoughts saying "I've got a bad feeling about this one" when the Shitbirds had the ball at midfield and a minute on the clock. Negative thoughts yield negative vibes and negative vibes yield negative results.

It's not the end of the world. And I didn't get a sense at the stadium that anybody else thought so either. We're 3-1 without Big Ben. Many thought we'd be 2-2 at best. We can win without Ben. We cannot win a championship without him. So I welcome him back. I got my ticket punched for the Big Ben FU Revenge Tour 2010 starting in 2 weeks. Everybody get on board that train. Too late for the bandwagon but you can still catch the train.

Who ride? We all ride this time, baby!!


Still A. Fan said...

You know what...go to and go to this game. Click the video link. If you watch all the plays, you actually see Oher false start not once but TWICE just in the hi-lites. Dog, finally got to read the article you linked me to about taking the safety. I like the idea but the logic is faulty as they assume a fair catch and no return. Maybe with even a modest 8 yard return the odds are even. I dont know. Still, the easiest way to win is with a first down. From what I remember we didnt even spread them out to get some out of the box. Also, B-Mac bit HARD on that simple move by Dousche Man Nada. As always though I had a great time and learned a little more football knowledge thru the eyes of The Dog.

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